Veggie Immunity Smoothie

Fuel for life in the fun lane.

Fuel for life in the fun lane.

Living in the fun lane means you get to fill up on great food.

Start your day with this super simple Veggie Immunity Smoothie courtesty of Bike In My Life guest lifestyle blogger, Kasia at freshasphuck.

It’s nutrient packed, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and easy to make.

Make your mornings simple with a smoothie.

Make your mornings simple with a smoothie.

It’s super simple, quick and easy. Try it!


1 x stalk of celery, chopped
1 x Lebanese cucumber, chopped
1 x lemon
Two handfuls of kale (spinach or silver beet welcome)
Two handfuls of lettuce
2cm of fresh ginger, chopped
1cm of fresh turmeric, chopped
1000ml cold water

*optional Maca powder (1-3 tablespoons based on your own requirements)
*optional Psyllium Husk (1 tablespoon)

Blend. Drink. Bicycle.

Blend. Drink. Bicycle.

How To Make
Blend celery, cucumber, half a lemon, ginger, turmeric, mint and maca powder together until smooth.
Add 250ml cold water, blend again.
Add kale, lettuce and the rest of the lemon.
Blend til smooth.
Add remaining water, blend.
Glug glug glug.

This smoothie is a great way to get extra nutrients in, especially if drank 30 minutes before each meal. Boom.

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