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Georgia In Dublin - Rainwrap.

Georgia In Dublin – Rainwrap.

Nobody wants to look bad, but let’s face it bicycle rainwear does not have a good reputation, by anyone’s standards, least of all Bicycle Babe standards.

So when I tested out Georgia In Dublin bicycle rainwear, designed by mother-daughter duo Nickie and Georgia, I was not only dry, I was delighted!

I’m going to assert that they make the best bicycle rainwear I’ve come across in my global search for Bicycle Babe fashion and accessories, and that’s saying something because I’ve literally travelled the world!

Georgia In Dublin is a boutique bicycle fashion house in Dublin, Ireland, that specializes in beautifully styled and clevery designed women’s bicycle rainwear.

Their products have won awards, and rightly so, because these two Bicycle Babes know what it takes to look good on a bicycle in the rain!

Here is how their Rainwrap faired during Bicycle Babe testing. (Note: the skirt will not keep your feet dry. I recommend wearing gumboots or leggits)

The Good

1. Style – the rainwrap is shaped like a classic full-length skirt, and the choice of light-weight fabric makes it look sleek and stylish. You could wear this anywhere!

2. Tech – this bicycle rain skirt is superbly designed to stay in place and keep your legs dry. Rather than explain it, here is quick video on how it works.

3. Fabric – the skirt is super light weight, super flexible, and super water repellent making it super easy to shake dry, fold up and store in your basket or bag.

4. Eco – the fabric used is long lasting and contains recycled elements. It is made in Europe and passes European environmental standards. Grey water at the factory is recycled.

5. Ethical – the rain skirt is manufactured by a family-run business in Poland where employees are paid a fair wage and work standard hours.

The Bad

1. Garter – the skirt comes with a garter that holds it over your knees. This small, but essential, addition it not secured to the skirt and it’s easy to forget it’s there. I lost my garter as soon as I removed the skirt.

2. Sizing – the fit is on the large size. Anyone smaller than a women’s 8-10 will find it large in the waist and hips.

The Ugly

Nothing. I got nothing in the ugly deparment. Buy one!

Bicycle Babe Rating

I’m giving this superbly designed rainwrap 10/10

Where To Buy

The rainwrap can be purchesed online from Georgia In Dublin, and they ship worldwide. The rainwrap is also stocked in retail outlets in Ireland, UK, Europe & New Zealand.

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