Skirt Garter for Biking

Bicycle Babes it’s summer in the southern hemisphere so it’s biking in skirts time!SkirtGarter_1_Web

For those of you in winter, keep this in the back of your bicycle mind.

Another clever skirt idea is here, this one is from Bird Industries, based in Minneapolis USA, and all hand crafted by none other than a Bicycle Babe!

I tested their skirt garter in my favorite silk bicycle skirt and here are the test results.

The Good

1. Secure – this skirt garter certainly won’t fall off. Unlike the KATCH which had slippage issued on silk and linen fabrics.

2. Subtle – the garter strap is very easily hidden under your skirt.

3. Design – the garter clip is nicely designed to hold your skirt firmly, but not damage the fabric.

4. Sassy – garters just have the je ne se quoi!


The Bad

1. Singular – wearing just a single garter, on one leg, means the skirt is only held down on one side. I wore my lightest summer skirt and while the garter did a great job of securing my skirt on the left, my right leg was exposed in the bicycle breeze. With heavier fabric skirts this will be less of an issue, but the KATCH and the Nomonro Clip solve the issue better by weighting the skirt down at the centre.

The Ugly

Nothing ugly to report, these are cute as and they come in a range of colours!

Bicycle Babe Rating

I’m giving this skirt garter a 7/10

Where To Buy

Bird Industries sells online and ships world wide.

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