Breakfast Smoothie for Bicycle Babes

Green-Smoothie A smoothie that packs a beauty punch.

It sounds ridiculous until you to unearth all the subtle, but wonderful, ways the bicycle alters life for the better, but the bicycle has the ability to solve the obesity epidemic!

Obviously, thirty minutes of light exercise everyday does keep the fat and the doctor away, but it does not completely explain why the bicycle would solve obesity.

There is more to the bicycle’s ability to keep you slim than a little slow, sweat-free morning cycle. The real fat-busting deal clincher is in the food.

Getting about by car enables you to skip meals (a big No-No for fat loss), it also allows for consumption of foods that make you drowsy because the engine is doing the pushing.

Car drivers like to think they have a keen eye on the road, but believe me, no one has ever fallen asleep at the handles bars of a bicycle.

On a bicycle even slow-style bicycle-babe pedaling requires more energy and alertness than steering a car, and so it’s essential when you live the bicycle life to fuel up on more than coffee of a morning.

In fact fuel up on coffee and you will simply fail to make it to work.

As a bicycle babe, or boy, there is no option other than to feed yourself seriously tasty, seriously fresh and seriously nutritious food.

So here are the secret ingredients to my breakfast smoothie which is the perfect way to power your peddles because with smoothies you can add all kinds of nasty tasting, but nutritionally terrific, ingredients without having to taste, see or feel them.

Smoothies help the medicine go down!

Soy Milk: soy milk constantly gets a bad wrap. One day it’s a super food, the next it’s the food-devil in disguise. It’s neither. There are however, secrets to getting your soy milk right.
1. it MUST be sugar, malt, fructose, corn syrup, glucose, anything-sugar-ose FREE.
2. it must use WHOLE soy beans, don’t buy anything that says ‘soy extract’ or ‘soy protein extract’ or ‘protein extract’.
3. get the brand that has the fewest ingredients. Stay away from anything you can’t pronounce.
4. it must be GMO FREE. GMO soy products contain compounds that can cause allergic reactions.
Good soy brands are: BonSoy, Nature’s Own, and EdenSoy, and add just enough to make the smoothie creamy, not liquid.

Organic Full-Fat Yogurt: ‘diet’, ‘light’ or ‘fat-reduced’ products are the world’s biggest fat-busting myth. When you remove the natural fats from nature it’s not fat reducing it’s fat forming. The cells in our body are made from fat, called lipids, so when we starve ourselves of natural, nutrient-rich fats our body gets desperate to store fat, not lose it. I suggest organic full-fat yogurt because animal products are high in pollutants so organic dairy products are best.

One Banana: they are brain food, beauty food and bike food. Need I explain why?

Five Dates: these work as natural sweeteners. If you don’t like dates use Honey. A sweeter masks the taste of the all the crazy, but amazing, ingredients that give your smoothie it’s fat-burning, cancer-killing, wrinkle-smoothing qualities.

Sunflower Seeds: Seeds of all kinds, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Flax seeds and Chia Seeds are full of nutrients that fuel your sex life, fight illness and keep your body at its peak. A medium handful will do. You can add as many difference varieties as you like.

Walnuts: nuts are nature’s little helpers. Full of natural oils, good proteins and trace minerals. Mix it up as much as possible, Walnuts one day Almonds, Cashews or Pecans the next. Add as much as you like, but a handful is sufficient.

Turmeric Power: now for the fun stuff! Turmeric is terrible tasting stuff, but it’s full of cancer-fighting amazingness. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. But to get the benefits you need a lot, so add a heaped teaspoon to your cycling smoothie. If you want to get a more powerful hit and don’t mind the sting, add fresh turmeric (fresh turmeric is ‘hot’ like fresh ginger).

Ginger: this spice is great for people who say they feel sick if they eat breakfast, don’t feel hungry in the morning or aren’t used to eating breakfast because it relieves nausea and protects the gut. It also destroys a host of viruses and combats chronic inflammation including arthritis and heart disease. You can add powered or fresh. Fresh will be ‘hotter’. In the powered form you can add up to a heaped teaspoon before it’s starts to over power the taste. You can also add Cinnamon, Cloves, or Nutmeg for more flavour and more nutrients.

Psyllium Husks: this is one of those taste terrible, but does wonders ingredients. A spoonful keeps you regular. Enough said.

Spinach: why the weird green stuff? Dark green leaves such as Spinach, Kale, Watercress, Bok Choy, Pennywort, Sawtooth and many others are full of everything! Iron, calcium, trace minerals and best of all chlorophyll. Chlorophyll prevents bad breath, keeps you beautiful by removing pollutants, radioactive elements and carcinogens from the blood as well as regulating the thyroid and protecting against sun exposure. Add as much as you like, but a generous handful will be fine. If you’re someone who gets sugar cravings during the day add Kelp, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and Spirulina.

Flavoursome Fruit: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mango, peach, plum, passion fruit or figs. Anything will do! Choose a small, but strongly falvoured fruit that you love to add natural flavour to your smoothie. These flavoursome fruits are also full of beautifying vitamins.

Directions: keep all ingredients together at the front of the fridge so that you can just grab them, toss them into the blender, liquify, drink and go.

Don’t sabotage your smoothie, and your bicycle life, by having them in 10 different places so that it takes half an hour to make. Also have a list of ingredients when you go shopping so you don’t ever run out, a smoothie with insufficient fuel is no fun.

My moring smoothie takes me 3 minutes to make, 5 minutes to drink and lasts me 3 hours!

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