Essential Self Care Tip For A Bicycle Life


Self care is not a phrase I ever used when I drove a car. Sitting still doesn’t seem to take much of a toll on the body, so taking special care of yourself doesn’t seem necessary.

How wrong that was!

Sitting still takes the ultimate toll on your body, people who sit still for most of the day lose years off their life, but because it’s a toll that slowly keeps up on you, we don’t normally take any notice.

A bicycle lifestyle not only has you feeling great each day, but it has you feeling great for life!

Pedaling your way to work, or wherever else you need to go, gets your blood flowing as it should be, your muscles flexing as they are designed to, and your bones moving as they are meant.

But body movement also takes a ‘toll’, and even though it’s a toll that has you live longer and feel better, if you don’t add in some essential self care practices you can end up feeling run down.

It’s simply because all those great chemical reactions that give you energy to move, also generate by products which can make muscles a little sore and our bodies a little fatigued.

Luckily, unlike sitting, none of it will kill you!

So here is a bicycle-lifestyle self care tip you’re guaranteed to love.

Epsom Salts Bath:

Once a week fill a bath 1/2 full, or enough to emerse most of your body, and add:
– 300g – 500g Epsom Salts.
– 100g Sodium Bicarbonate (or bicarbonate of soda).
– If you are feeling extra decadent 10 drops of lavender or frankincense essential oil.

Soak yourself for at least 20 minutes.

You will come out feeling a little tingly, totally refreshed and ready to ride out on your freedom machine.

Happy Bicycle Travels Babes!

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