Non-Toxic Sun Block for Summer Bike Fun!

Sunscreen is a must for living the bicycle life, but no one wants the toxic nasties that are found in the mass-market brands, not cool!

We tested out Scratch Mommy’s non-toxic organic hand-crafted SkinShade Lotion (SPF 20+) in the heat of the Australian summer – phew!

Scratch Mommy's Jessica Healey at work.

Scratch Mommy’s Jessica Healey at work.

1. Non-micronized – the main active ingredient in this sunscreen is zinc oxide. Other brands use zinc oxide that has been ground down to nano-sized particles (micronized). These tiny particles can enter the body and are thought to have harmful side effects.

2. Non-toxic – all ingredients used are known to be totally non-toxic, you can eat most of them!

3. Non-Allogenic – unlike chemical-based sunscreens, these natural ingredients rarely cause skin irritations or allergic reactions.

4. Scentless – strongly scented skin products are often full of harsh chemicals, but also who wants to smell like anything other than your favorite natural fragrance!

5. Moisturising – the ingredients in this sunscreen are also great skin moisturisers and healers.

6. Clear – this natural lotion sets in the cold, but melts on your skin and rubs in leaving a smooth protective layer. In fact we found it felt much nicer on the skin than the big-brand liquid sunscreens.

7. Eco-friendly – Scratch Mommy take back and reuse much of their glass containers from local customers and their metal tins are made from recyclable materials. Packaging used for shipping is reused materials and shop bags are recycled paper too!

*Coconut Oil (organic)
*Shea Butter (organic)
*Beeswax (organic)
*Apricot Oil (organic)
*Zinc Oxide (uncoated, non-nano, and not micronized)
*Vitamin E (non-GMO)

1. Silk – while it’s almost impossible for sunscreen products not to mark silk, we advise that you don’t get it on your silk bicycle-babe scarfs as it may discolor them. Although we found any discoloration fades with washing.

2. Leather – also try to keep it off your bicycle-babe leather fashion gloves. Although the natural oils won’t do any harm to leather, they can mark them.

This non-toxic natural sun block will keep your bicycle-babe skin looking beautiful and your body healthy. We recommend you take it with you when you ride!

This is a great non-toxic organic beauty product that is hand-made by mother and organic-beauty guru Jessica Healey, and it has minimal environmental impact.

We rate it 9/10.

Scratch Mommy sells online and ships worldwide.

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