Healing Oatmeal Facial Soap for Soft Skin & Hair


Oatmeal is known for it's skin care qualities.

Oatmeal is known for it’s skin care qualities.

Bicycle Babes are excellent economists. Time is money and that’s why we ride because the least economical use of time is waiting: waiting in traffic, waiting for the train, waiting for a parking space to open up.

When we find something that saves both time and money we’re in bicycle-babe ecstasy.

This ugly, but awesome oatmeal hand-made soap just made our no-wait day, it saves time and money, and leaves you looking bicycle babalicious!

Oats are known to soothe, heal and reduce skin inflammation. Inflammation is one of the causes of premature aging, and while eating oats will also be a beauty boost, reducing inflammation on the skin’s surface helps maintain your bicycle-babe glow.

Because oats are slightly rough, they are one of nature’s most amazing exfoliates. They soften the skin, making it super duper silky smooth.

Oats have actually been clinically shown to help heal dry, itchy skin.

This hand-made oatmeal soap is a soft facial soap, perfect for sensitive skin, but being the time-hack junkies we are, we tested it out as a hair soap as well.

It works like magic! You get clear skin and soft hair all for less than a bar of chocolate.

Happy Beautiful and Economical Bicycle Travels!

To purchase this hand-made oatmeal soap visit our online store, The Bicycle Bootique, opening soon!


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