Rent A Bicycle In Your City


Take in the view of a new city by bicycle

Getting about by bicycle has a million bonuses, one of the best is getting about in a new city.

There is no better way to explore a new place than by bicycle: it’s free, easy, you can venture of road to all the secret spots, and never worry about finding parking.

Many cities now have bike share programs or bicycle hire, but neither are as clever as a new online version, Spinlister.

Spinlister is a people-generated rental system which solves a multitude of problems.

Bicycle share programs have time limits on them and in some cities only citizens can use them, plus they are always the world’s worst kind of bicycle!

Rental shops are often out to charge the highest possible price for the lowest quality bicycle, but most of all there are a million and one unused bicycles out there, sitting in sheds or backyards, that it’s simply a shame not to make use of them.

Spinlister is real people with their own bicycles renting them out at an exceptional rate, with no time limit, and because it’s their own bicycle they are the best quality bicycles for the lowest rental rate.

Bicycle babes new in town get to grab a bicycle for as long as they want, at an affordable price, and locals get paid for the use of a bicycle that was not being used that day or was never used at all.

Now that is an idea that’s worth sharing!

To rent out your bicycle, or to find a bicycle to rent,  just down load the Spinlister App to your smart phone.

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