Celery Smoothie – Start Your Day Fresh!

How you start your day sets you up for enjoying every moment, or wishing you were back in bed.

This celery breakfast smoothie is a simple way to start your mornings feeling fresh, filled and ready to ride!



1 small banana – a source of potassium, essential for heart health, but best known for preventing muscle cramps in athletes.
4 large strawberries – contain vitamin C and K, antioxidants for your skin.
1 large celery stick – full of phytonutrients that protect blood vessles and prevent inflammation.
3 medium kale leaves – one of the most nutrient rich plant foods!
1/2 cup coconut milk – helps protect the body from infections and viruses.
1 raw egg – helps eliminate toxins and builds healthy muscle without fat.
2 flat tablespoons honey – a great natural long-lasting energy source.
1 flat teaspoon fenugreek – considered the finest herb for enhancing feminine beauty, it also supports sexual health and contains choline which aids thinking.
1/2 cup water

How To Make:

Blend all ingredrents with a milkshake maker, or in a blender. Add cashew or bazil nuts if your are feeling extra hungry. And DRINK!

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