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Active & Travel Fashion by Bago Stu...

Active wear the looks like every day fashion! No one likes bicycle lycra, especially not Bicycle Babes, but I have to admit it is kinda... More


Rain Hats Make You Happy!

Rain hats are the perfect solution to the ‘bicycle blindspot’! If you wore a yellow rain hat as a child then you’re super lucky, and... More


A World Best in Bicycle Rainwear

Nobody wants to look bad, but let’s face it bicycle rainwear does not have a good reputation, by anyone’s standards, least of all Bicycle Babe... More


Simple Fashion Solution for Winter Cycli...

Bicycling in winter has a bad reputation, but it’s a bicycle myth that needs to be debunked because with the right fashion and accessories cycling... More


DIY Bicycle Fashion That Looks Great and...

Better than fashion leggings for your bicycle life, are fashion leggings made by you. Design house Lydra, in Melbourne, give you the option of custom... More


Best Bicycle Rain Cape – Happy Day...

Happy Rainy Days are a Dutch company started by two amazing women who “though there should be more happiness on rainy days” and so created... More


Duxback Rain Poncho – Carradice

Carradice are the ‘original british bicycle bag company’ and they sure make a lot of bags, but we wanted to test their rain poncho! THE... More


Bicycle Rain Cape from Cyclette

Cyclette are a bicycle fashion house based in Sydney and they have crafted a rain cape. We tested out their Pursuit Poncho in Melbourne’s Spring... More


New Bicycle Rain Cape – Cleverhood

A rain cape, for the rare occassions you get caught in a shower, is a bicycle-babe wardrobe essential! But finding the perfect rain cape is... More


Looking hot but keeping your cool

Three tips for looking hot whilst keeping your bicycle cool by a UK Australian bicycle babe Clare Powell. Born in the UK and spending most... More