Bosch eBike System – to Bosch or n...

Everyone is talking about eBikes because anything with an “e” in the name is e-volved and e-dgy, right? But are e-bikes actually worth the extra... More

NTS Works Electric Bicycle

Light-Weight Electric Bicycle

Another awesome innovative electric bicycle from our friends who made the solar-electric cargo bicycle – NTS Works. Never mind the sport’s workout this bicycle is for women who want... More


Solar-Electric Cargo Bike!

  Let’s face it. Bicycle babes like, love to shop!  When you’re not paying for petrol, servicing and parking there is just a whole lot... More


The beautiful bicycle

Building beautiful bicycles for beautiful people is a Copenhagen specialty.  The most recent bicycle beauty is Velorbis. The bicycle is the baby of Kenneth Bodiker... More


Sports bicycles are for sport not babes!

Holidays are for hanging out at the beach, summer flings, catching a tan, drinking cocktails, eating too much and at the end of it all... More