City Reports

Bicycle city reports from around the world.


An Incredible Bicycle Story Unfolds In Z...

The incredible, yet heart breaking, true story of one man and his bicycle saving the livings of Zambia’s poorest. This video is part of a... More


What Bicycles Made Possible In Mozambiqu...

For Mozambique’s disabled the bicycle is not important, it is a life line. This video is part of a global series of films documenting the... More


Who Will Win Barcelona’s Bicycle B...

Barcelona has the world’s most popular city bike share, but it seems that while the citizens love it, Spain’s conservative government wants it gone. So... More


A Bicycle Helmet Debate in Copenhagen.

The bicycle helmet debate has raised its ugly head in the most unlikely city, Copenhagen. So how did a 100 year old bicycle city find... More


A Paris Love Affair, No Bikes Aboard.

Catching the Paris Metro is like being herded to the slaughter in a cattle car. So why don’t the Parisians break free and get a... More


Berlin’s Passion for Bicycle Fashi...

Berlin is a big city. It’s nine times the size of Paris and has 12 major centers, yet Berlin City Council is using their size... More


Budapest’s Bad & The Beautifu...

Budapest in Hungary has the potential to be the world’s most picturesque bicycle city, so while city hall is stuck in the past the people... More


Bruises, Cruises & Bicycles in Vien...

Vienna had everything it takes to be a world-class bicycle city, but then they went and bought a batch of the world’s worst bicycles and... More


Will $11M Make Brussels Car Free?

Brussels in Belgium is not known for its bicycles, but $11M Euros is about to change that. This video is part of a global series... More


The Secrets To Amsterdam’s Bicycle...

Amsterdam did something few cities have ever tried, they made the bicycle king instead of the car. The results speak for themselves. This video is... More