Five-minute features with celebrities, leaders & bicycle cultural icons.


When you build cities for women…ev...

From CityMetric: “Treating people equally often translates as treating people like men. What all this means is that what works for men, as imagined by... More


Traffic Congestion Solutions To Transfor...

Author and guest blogger, Rachel Smith, decongests the problem of traffic congestion because we have a problem! The average Aussie, British and American family spends... More

elephant on bike copy

Bicycle Birthday Cards by Kathryn Karr

You would never guess from her name, but paper-cut artist, Kathryn Carr, is a bicycle fan. “Freedom is what comes to my mind when I... More

Fadi Portrait_4x3

Bicycle Filmmaker Fadi Hindash

Palestinian born, Dubai raised, New York educated, and now resident filmmaker of Amsterdam, Fadi Hindash, didn’t intend to make a film about bicycles given they... More