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When you build cities for women…ev...

From CityMetric: “Treating people equally often translates as treating people like men. What all this means is that what works for men, as imagined by... More


Traffic Congestion Solutions To Transfor...

Author and guest blogger, Rachel Smith, decongests the problem of traffic congestion because we have a problem! The average Aussie, British and American family spends... More


The Bachelor? Ride Like the Wind, Ladies...

Let us weigh in on The Bachelor debate, bicycle babes. No one has mentioned the fact that this is one of the few times in... More


The Simple City Solution We Hate to Love...

Since its inception three years ago, The Zone has promoted ideas for change across a wide range of issues. Ahead of the looming federal vote,... More


Sell Your Convertible, Bicycle Is The Fo...

There is a bicycle myth that needs to be busted: bicycle lanes are bad for business. People who ride bicycles are gainfully employed just like... More

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Catching The Train Makes You Crazy, Bicy...

For a long forgotten, and clearly not good enough, reason I caught the train home last week. Although this used to be a regular event,... More


The Wonders of Night By Bike.

On a bicycle you can’t help but notice how beautiful it is to travel guided by the light of stars. With an iron roof overhead... More


Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines. Women On B...

The journey to document the stories of the world’s one billion bicycles unearthed much more than the filmmaker ever imagined.... More


Goofy – Motor Mania (1950)

... More

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Bicycle Birthday Cards by Kathryn Karr

You would never guess from her name, but paper-cut artist, Kathryn Carr, is a bicycle fan. “Freedom is what comes to my mind when I... More