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Mini Bicycle Bag For The Mobile

A handle-bar bag or basket is a bicycle addition that you don’t want to miss! A bicycle basket or crate is of course essential, but... More


Skirt Garter for Biking

Bicycle Babes it’s summer in the southern hemisphere so it’s biking in skirts time! For those of you in winter, keep this in the back... More


Essential Winter Bicycle Cuffs!

Bicycling in winter is wonderful, but only if you are well dressed! I don’t mean dressed like Lenny Karvitz, just dressed smart, dressed sassy, and... More


Bicycle Dress Clip Accessory by Nomonro

Anything that makes bicycling in a skirt better is on our summer-essentials list! Duthch designer Nomonro make a dress clip for both summer breezes and... More


New Bicycle Skirt Clip – KATCH!

The KATCH skirt clip for summer-breeze bicycle babes! Riding a bicycle in a skirt is one of life’s greatest joys for both bicycle babes, and... More


Hand-made Bicycle Bag from Motley Goods

  Bicycle bags – also known as panniers – are an essential bicycle babe accessory, but not just any bag will do! Personally I’m a... More


Belgian Bicycle Fashion Better Than Choc...

A  pair, or two, of genuine-leather fashion gloves is one of my best bicycle-babe secrets. They protect your hands from sunburn, handle bar chafe, cold... More


Bicycle Accessories

Living the bicycle life with fun, freedom and fashion doesn’t take much effort,  just few accessories. Who’s complaining! Hear about the latest and read about... More