Simple Fashion Solution for Winter Cycling

Bicycling in winter has a bad reputation, but it’s a bicycle myth that needs to be debunked because with the right fashion and accessories cycling right through winter is wonderful!

An amazingly simple winter bicycling fashion solution is wool leggings. There are lots of styles out there, but one of my favorite are by Melbourne designer, Pulka.

The Good:
1. Warm – these were amazing! Tested in Melbourne’s extreme cold snap, it was like bicycling in a warm spring breeze.

2. Fashion – while these are not skin tight, they are beautifully tailored to fit, and paired with a boyfriend jacket they look lush.

3. Eco – wool is an awesone natural and planet-friendly fibre. Organic sources are obviously the best, but Pulka use merino wool farmed and milled in New Zealand which has a reputation for preserving both its wilderness areas as well as its farming industry.

4. Ethical – every pair of leggings is made by designer, Sarah Dalley, from start to finish!

The Bad:
1. Stretch – wool has great natural stretch, but don’t expect these to have the super snug fit of traditional leggings.

The Ugly:
These woollen leggings put traditional thermals to shame! They are super warm and look lux!

Bicycle Babe Rating:
I give these lush winter legs 10/10

Where To Buy:
You can find Pulka on Etsy and they ship world wide.

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