DIY Bicycle Fashion That Looks Great and Feels Fun!


Better than fashion leggings for your bicycle life, are fashion leggings made by you.

Design house Lydra, in Melbourne, give you the option of custom designing your legs!

I took a pair out for a spin and here’s how they stood up to the Bicycle Babe test.

The Good:
1. Fashion – yep, nothing better than legs that stop traffic.

2. Bespoke – you simply send in your favourite image, artwork or photograph and Lydra will turn them into a pair of leggings.

3. Ethical – these are definitely sweat-shop free leggings.

The Bad:
1. Insulation – sythetic materials don’t have the thermal properties of natural fibres, like wool and silk, so wear them in good weather or layer them with some fine merino leggings.

2. Eco – unfortunately the manufacture of Lycra fabric isn’t planet friendly, the raw material used is petrolium.

The Ugly:
Given that you choose the design your leggings can be as funky, or as junky, as you like!

Bicycle Babe Rating:
These leggings are super fun, and an awesome idea! They lost Bicycle Babe points in the technical department. I give them 6/10

Where To Buy:
Order your bespoke legs online.

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4 Responses to “DIY Bicycle Fashion That Looks Great and Feels Fun!”

  1. Joyce Gibson

    Love the idea of personal design, I just wouldn’t know what design to put on them.

  2. Absolutely love the fact you can design the leggings , releasing your inner fashion designer can never be a bad thing ????

  3. Love it. My design would be for longer legs!

  4. omg, this is a great idea. Too bad they’re not warmer but I guess that just makes them easier to wear when you get off the bike plus being Sydney side instead of Melbourne means they look about perfect weight for our averages.

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