The Bike In My Life is your online portal to everything you need to know to use a bicycle in your life, and to do it with fun, freedom and fashion!

The Bike In My Life empowers women to live the bicycle life by sourcing products from around the world, testing them out ourselves and then telling you about the best bicycles, fashion and accessories out there!


We look for 5 things in the products we review:

FASHION – the item is a great fashion piece or a quality product and works well for bicycle use. We look at the design, fit, style and how it functions on a bicycle. Basically it has to look and feel great by bicycle!

DESIGN – the item works in the manner for which is it designed and works well on a bicycle: if it’s a rain jacket it has to keep the rain out, if it’s a hat it has to stay on while you ride, if it’s a bag it has to keep your items private, dry and secure. Basically it should work like a bicycle dream!

PEOPLE – the item is made in a socially responsible manner such as: locally produced by the designers; produced offshore by fair-trade manufactures; or mass produced in factories with human conditions and living wages. We’re not a fan of sweat shops!

PLANET – the item is made using eco-friendly materials, such as water-based dyes, non-toxic fabrics or recycled materials. We’re in to world’s best practice in business!

FUTURE PROOF – the item is made from raw materials that were extracted and manufactured in a sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible manner, and the designer takes back the item and recycles it. This is a world worth bicycling in!